Photography Experience

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Cruise to unique locations.  Use our 18′ run-about or dinghy to get up close to nature, wildlife, and unique image opportunities.  What is your interest?  Whales – we will find them.  Wildlife – we know where they live.  Sunsets – you bet.   Glaciers and icebergs – we love them and have several to visit.   Totem poles, unique rock formations, wide open vistas, landscapes, we can help you find those special images that you are looking for.  

Photography Education Cruises – Travel with award winning fine art image creator, Vern Bartley, as he helps you capture that perfect image.  We will take to locations with glaciers, waterfalls, wildlife, scenery, orange sunsets, pebble beaches, and unique vistas.   Vern has over 40 years in the industry and has done all types of photography.  His passion is now for fine art and unique locations.  Vern can tailor an educational adventure that expands your skills in the most unique learning environment on the West Coast.  For more information on the works and abilities of our instructor, visit

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Self Tailored Photography – If you are independent and a self-directed photographer, we can work with you to create a trip that will focus on where you want to go and what you want to shoot.

All of our trips are designed to meet your goals.  Since we are small and carry a limited number of passengers, each adventure is at your pace.   If you want to spend all day waiting for the perfect light, feel free.   If you want to move on to find new opportunities, we can do that.   You are not stuck with cruise ship time frames, the needs of other guests, or crowds interfering with your creative process.  This is your adventure.  You are in control of how fast or slow we go.

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